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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CDT

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oklahoma, filed first degree manslaughter charges against a white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man on a city street.the attorney for officer betty shelby says terence crutcher was not following commands when she shot him.crutcher's familiy said the father of four posed no threat. also on live at 4 ... startling statistics about opioid usage: 80 percent of heroin users started with pr that has prompted lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to meet at a milwaukee area walgreens.they launched a new effort to get dangerous drugs off the street.pete zervakis explains how it works. the governor says kiosks - like this one - will make it easier for people to turn in unused prescription drugsit's been installed at the walgreens store on 35th and wisconsin. old, prescription pills can already be turned in at local police departments. the governor says this gives
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rid of them. when you come here there's no questions, no hassle, and it's easy milwaukee mayor tom barrett says the kiosks will help keep drugs from turning up in the local water supply. it is not safe to put them down the drain, or in the toilet, because our mmsd water system is not suited to deal with those issues according to the attorney general... the dropoff site also keeps opioids out of medicine drawers and cabinets -- where they can fall into the wrong hands. prescription drug abusers get them from friends or family. ive asked people many times - would you leave a loaded handgun on the counter of your home with young children coming in and out? no one would in total walgreens is installing 18 of these kiosks at pharmacies across the ststa at 35th and wis pz tmj4 also while in milwaukee... the governor signed an executive order creating a task force on opioid abuse... its first
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weeks. hector colon has his job back. last week, a committee voted to oust colon as milwaukee county's director of health and human services.they cited concerns over colon's qualifications.the board of supervisors said today colon can have his job back but it will be a two year term instead of four. storm team 4 now.... scattered showers this afternoon.and it's going to continue for a few days.meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the weather. with heavier rains staying west, we can expect just a couple passing showers the next 24 hours. skies will remain cloudy tonight and some patchy fog will likely develop in areas seeing their fair share of recent rain. only widely scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected in southeastern wisconsin
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for late september standards, with lows and dewpoints in the 60s. yahoo says yahoo says it's had a huge data breach.someone hacked into 500 ?million? accounts. the breach happened in 2014... stealing names, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of more news now - two people died after a crash on milwaukee's northwest side. police say around 9:30 this
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public works truck heading west on sheridan avenue.a 20 year old woman was riding in the car. she died in the crash. the driver died at the hospital. the two people in the truck were not milwaukee police are also investigating a crash at teutonia and good hope road.a car ran into the back of a box truck.the driver of the car suffered serious injuries.the truck driver wasn't hurt. 45 grams of high grade marijuana were among the evidence discovered by the kenosh tactical response team.they served what's called a "no knock" search warrant at a home on 24th avenue.they arrested 36 year old raymond carson. he's charged with multiple counts of delivering heroin and cocaine. a second night of rioting in charlotte, north carolina led to someone throwing a bench through the window of a store. the violence stems from a police officer shooting and killing a man.the shooting was captured on camera, but the charlotte police chief says he does not expect to release the
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first of all, i'm not here to defend a position. i'm here to give you some information. charlotte's police chief says his department wants to find the absolute truth of what happened before officer brently vinson shot and klled keith lamont scott outside his vehicle tuesday.we've seen pictures of what happened next--and chief putney says dashcam video tells more of the story....while not providing definiive evidence scott pointed a gun at officers, he says the video shows his weapon.police say the scott family wants to see that video.) what we are going to do is honor a request that has been made with the family. but he says--the public doesn't need to see it--calling it inappropriate to show footage of "a victim's worst day."what are you protecting?scott's death has led to two violent nights in charlotte...protests blocked interstate 277 and the light rail ... hurt nine civilians ....caused at least five law enforcement officers
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d prompted the governor to deploy the state national guard to control the chaos. those who destroy properpty or hurt other people will be dealt with and i wanna make sure the chief can do his job with the necessary resources.a charlotte resident who took these pictures of a vandalized van says he's afraid things will get worse before they get better in the state's largest city, waiting to see what another night holds.i'm emily schmidt, reporting. the scott family has asked for a st shooting. the big question, should body camera video be released, or should it be held for the investigation.. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at thanks charles and courtny.. we spoke with a father, who's son was shot and killed by wauwatosa police.. tonight.. why he says releasing the video of his son at this point, would do more harm than good..that's coming up on live at a u-w-m theater professor is a
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2016 macarthur fellow.because of this, anne basting will receive what is commonly known as a "genius grant". it's a no- strings attached 625 thousand dollar grant.basting and 22 other fellows won for their exceptional creativity and potential for future contributions in their fields. congratulations anne basting. the 2016 milwaukee film festival starts tonight. new to the film festival's ridley.ridley went to school in milwaukee and went on to win an academy award for screenwriting for the movie "12 years a slave". festival executive director jonathan jackson says having ridley means having connections to the film industry. "john helped secure some of the films for this year's festival as well. the disney film queen of cotway, which is already sold out but is one of the featured screenings in the festival john actually personally secured for us with
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the festival is in its eighth year. it compares to a top ten film festival in the country in terms of attendance, films shown and budget size. milwaukee fashion week also kicks off tonight. 24 designers will hit the runway to showcase their latest designs. fashion week runs through saturday. nightly fashion shows will feature eight designers each at the hyatt downtown. you can get tickets at the door and proceeds benefit pathfinders. still ahead: why c-v-s is delaying its new curbside pickup program.and, why disney has decided to pull this children's costume off store
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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illinois' calling. calling the makers. the doers. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare. calling the endlessly curious, and the boundary pushers. st of their precious vacation days. this land is illinois. and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing.
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of
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more money headlines now.... c-v-s was supposed to launch its curbside pickup service today but decided to do it monday instead.the pharmacy chain says so many people tried to use it during the soft launch..orders were backlogged which slowed the system. the curbside pickup program lets customers order items online and pick them outside a c-v-s store in an hour. disney has stopped controversial halloween costume and pajama depicts a polynesian figure from its upcoming animated movie "moana".disney pulled the costume after critics called it offensive because it lets a child wear the skin color of another race. americans are expected to spend more than eight ?billion? dollars on halloween this year. the national retail federation says that's an all-time high. the average consumer will spend almost 83 dollars each on things like
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storm team 4 weather now.... lets get a check on the's meteorologist brian niznansky. with heavier rains staying west, we can expect just a couple passing showers the next 24 hours. skies will remain cloudy tonight and some patchy fog will in areas seeing their fair share of recent rain. only widely scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected in southeastern wisconsin tonight. tonight will be muggy
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with lows and dewpoints in the 60s.with the main frontal boundary sagging south on friday, we'll have a better chance of seeing some showers and friday will also be cooler with the wind shifting from the northeast, off of lake michigan. highs on friday will
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be around a quarter of an inch. the first half of the weekend is looking pretty nice. we'll have partly cloudy skies on saturday with highs in the lower 70s. a cold front approaches sunday, bringing a good chance for showers and storms.
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more than 75 million americans are playing fantasy football. turns out the strategies for picking players can translate into a lesson about managing money.joining us this afternoon ,.. certified financial planner tony drake with "wealth wisconsin dot com." tony, who makes up the perfect fantasy team when it
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got a question for our
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expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a the number is still ahead: what the head of disney is saying about the new "star wars" offshoot, rogue one.coming up at 4:30.. a woman who used to live in wisconsin found out her dog didn't have long to live.. what she did next, might bring a tear to your eye.. need help with a consumer problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967- online. just click on the
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storm team 4 now.... flooding in minnesota and wisconsin shut down parts of i-94 overnight and into today.this
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water covered the highway. also several buildings, homes and fields are under water afternoon. up next, a possible incident on a plane involving brad pitt and angelina jolie's children. plus, what the head of disney is telling investors about the
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more news now- brad pitt reportedly spoke to los angeles police about something involving one of his children. people magazine reports the incident happened september 14th, on pitt and angelina
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date of their separation. l-a-p-d hasn't commented, but a source told people the actor "is taking this very seriously and he's cooperated. he has always worked hard to be a good father and wants to do whatever is best for his the dress marilyn monroe wore when she sang happy birthday to president john f. kennedy will be auctioned in november. the dress sold in 1999 for over one point two million dollars.julien's auctions now to three million.the flesh- toned sheer dress is covered in rhinestones and legend has it, monroe had to be sewn into it. the head of disney is tamping down expectations for "rogue one: a star wars story". it's the first stand-alone movie in the "star wars" series. bob iger told investors he doesn't expect it to match the box office of last year's "the force awakens".
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on live at 4:30 including a mom passing out in a store in
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